One of the challenges small businesses face is access to funding.

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund is now in Partnership with Standard Bank South Africa.

What does this mean for you as a Northern Cape women entrepreneur? It means now you can get a loan of up to R300 000,00.

That is not all the loan is:
=> Interest-free
=> A grace period of 6 months before your first payment.

What is a business purposeful loan?
A business purposeful loan is a type of loan that is issued to a business for a specific business-related purpose.

Like what?
=>Purchasing new types of equipment
=>If let’s say you are a bnb and you need to do renovations

Apply today click the link to get the application form= =>

Let us help you grow your business
Let us help you turn your dreams into reality

Comment below where do you want to see your business 5 years from now?

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