Women have made many strides when it comes to #entrepreneurship, but there are still a few barriers keeping them out of the #business world.

With the right kind of support, women entrepreneurs can unlock the potential to transform their livelihoods, their families and their community.

What can be done to help women entrepreneurs grow their operations?

1. Better access to capital: There’s still much inequality in terms of providing women the loans and other financing they need to start and grow businesses. When it comes to finance, women face particular hurdles, from discriminatory regulations and gender bias.

2. More #mentorship opportunities: Providing role models and guidance to women to show the economic, social and lifestyle benefits of business ownership could greatly enhance entrepreneurship rates.

3. More education: Women fear failure and have lower confidence levels than men. What we might be seeing is that women need to work on their confidence and their perceived abilities. More training and education programs geared to women could help build confidence and reduce the fears that starting a business is a high-risk endeavor.

4. Build connections with successful women entrepreneurs: No one understands the challenges facing women entrepreneurs better than other women entrepreneurs. Through training, mentoring and networking, we can help to build connections between rising female business owners.

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