STATEMENT FROM SOL PLAATJE UNIVERSITY Gender Based Violence (GBV) has become a scourge in human society and in South Africa it takes on a persistent and brutal form that demands a determined effort towards eradicating this de-humanising behaviour. Sol Plaatje University does not condone any form of GBV and takes seriously any such experiences pertaining to both staff and students. Any form of GBV that manifests in explicit and subtle ways is strongly condemned. GBV directly affronts the right to life, equality, human dignity, and freedom which are so carefully protected in the Bill of Rights contained in our Constitution. The University is committed to providing a work and study environment that is free of any form of GBV and is respectful of the dignity of everyone. It is, however, important to note that the safety of any individual also requires responsibility and accountability for their own safety. Universities as powerful social institutions must use their agency to create awareness in this regard for all who are associated with the institutional activities. Sol Plaatje University is a growing university which endeavours to put the necessary structures and protocols in place to support the victims of GBV. The University has taken measures and has gone to great lengths to ensure that the safety of our students is and remains a priority. GBV should be denounced, while the victims of GBV must be treated with the necessary sensitivity, support and fairness.